Strategy & Creative Direction

Our one-stop-shop approach to strategy and creative direction ensures that your marketing communications are seamlessly integrated throughout your event. Our world-class staff handles everything from marketing communications, online registration, to event management and production to create an event that is uniquely yours.


Complete event management & consulting

Extensive experience allows our event planning agency to produce consistently exciting and compelling events worldwide. Through time-tested processes and state-of-the-art technology, we can support intricate logistics and handle all facets of your event.

Our superior purchasing strength worldwide can be a significant benefit to your business. Through solid supplier relationships, negotiating skills, and pure volume, we are able to obtain significant discounts which we pass along to our clients.


Creating the Best Attendee Registration Experience

One of the single most important aspects of event planning is the attendee registration experience. At Ellen Michaels Presents, we take pride in ensuring that the registration process is completed in a timely manner and runs as smooth as possible.

Proper Planning Yields Positive Results

The registration process is an essential part of the event planning process. Without having a good process for registration in place, an event is liable to run into problems. At Ellen Michaels Presents, we understand that there is a true need to coordinate event registration services properly.


Technical Production

From theme creation, scenic and stage design to world-class crews, live talent and guest speaker procurement, our producers and technical directors work as a team with responsibility for all details of the show. Our aim is consistent production excellence right through the last cue.


Flawless Execution

We take pride in delivering premiere events with the highest possible degree of quality and precision. We believe the key to a successful implementation plan is to understand our client's expectations and ensure that they are met.

Our staff of Event Planners and Technical Directors will interact with all behind-the-scenes service providers and vendors, and coordinate and manage all on-site event logistics with the utmost professionalism and knowledge. The result is a flawless execution and complete attendee satisfaction.


25 Years of Corporate Event Management

Ellen Michaels Presents, Inc. comes with over two decades of experience in corporate event planning. We're committed to keeping up with changing trends and the latest technologies to ensure that you and your company are 100% satisfied. Pulling off a flawless event requires the expertise of the industry's best meeting planners. Whether it's a conference, awards show or days-long event requiring the best in multimedia production, we're up for the job.

We Shine by Making You Shine

As one of the leading event planning companies in the area, our knowledgeable staff will work with you to design, implement and execute a fantastic event utilizing the latest event management strategies. We specialize in international event planning and have worked with clients around the globe. You'll also get a personal event production manager. We offer as much or as little guidance as you need.

We do everything required whether it's providing creative direction, overall event planning complete with negotiating for venues and services, attendee registration, the technical side of things like AV and ensuring a perfect final product. Since we've been in the industry for decades, we have connections and proven strategies that will help you save money, reduce concerns and even help you enjoy the event yourself.

Let Us Take Care of Things

Call us today at (408) 963-5670 and we'll take care of your next big event. You have enough on your plate, and we can help you plan through all stages of the event. Everyone deserves a great event and manager in their corner.