The Future is Female

The data shows that female-run organizations perform better! As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, EMP stands proudly on #InternationalWomensDay with two female executives…

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Been There, Try This

When hosting a destination event, don’t be ordinary. In this series we show you extraordinary global event destinations.

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Millennial Business Travelers’ Habits

Every generation, for better or worse, is a disruptor. And there may be no industry more poised to take advantage of disruptive millennial trends than the field of business and…

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EMP Appoints Director of Business Development

Ellen Michaels Presents, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lindsey Passen as Director of Business Development.

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Creating Device-Free Meetings

Head into any meeting and you’ll see the same thing: people surreptitiously checking their smart devices while tuning out of the conversation that’s happening right in front of…

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Benefits to Offer Event Sponsors

Securing event sponsorship is not as straightforward as it once was. Sponsors demand more information than ever to secure their investment for events.

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Underwater Properties to Impress Clients

Would you like a little whale shark viewing with your wine?

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Travel Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

We know that planners are already multitasking geniuses.

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Time Management Strategies for Busy Business Women

One of the biggest changes needed for professional women is to rethink the narratives surrounding women and time management.

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Been There, Do This: New York Edition

Event planners are often sent back to the same city or venue, time and time again.

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